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Professor RisooNut Chuckin’ Tips

Nut Chuckin’ may look easy, but it is a challenging timing game. The more you play, the better you will get at knocking off the bad guys. So, don’t give up… Risoo and Squirzzle need your help!

Question 1:  How do I catch an incoming nut?

Answer:  Its all in the timing. Once the nut gets close to Risoo, it will glow. That’s when you should tap to catch. Tap too soon or too late and you will get one in the noggin.

[Colin's Cheat] try double tapping when the nuts speed up!

[Brian's Cheat] take one step to the side when catching. You’ll still catch the nut but if you miss, you won’t get hit!

Question 2: How do I throw a nut?

Answer: First you have to make sure you have caught a nut. Then all you have to do is tap on one of the bad guys and Risoo will chuck his nut. The bad guys will try and dodge your nut. So, try hitting them when they have a nut in their hand.

[Jason's Cheat] wait for a bad guy to reach for a nut before throwing. The bad guys can’t dodge while they are throwing a nut.

Question 3: How do I dodge a nut?

Answer: Tilt your device left or right to make Risoo move along the branch. Tilting more makes him run faster. Be careful, when Risoo is holding that big nut, he can’t run as fast!

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