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Big news — a major update to Snow Brawlin’ is now available in the Apple App Store!  Version 3.0 brings all you snow brawlers the following:

In-Game Store
Mini-game after each game play (with prizes!)
New Scene Artwork
New Major Ability – Fireball Blast
New Pickup – Splitballs
Combos: Force Field & Fireballs, Speed & Splitballs – and many more!
Per Use Utilities – Revive, Lucky Ticket
Background targets

…and more!

Head over to the app store to download this major update today!



Apple has just approved our v2.1 Snow Brawlin’ update!  Head over to the app store to get the latest version of the game!

A great review of The Legend of Momotaro from The iPhone Mom!

“The Legend of Momotaro is an outstanding app. The story is beautifully written and narrated. The illustrations are magnificent as well.”


We are pleased to announce that The Legend of Momotaro (available on the iPad & iPad Mini) has received the Kirkus Star, awarded to books of remarkable merit.

You can read the full review here:


Kirkus Reviews publishes more than 500 pre-publication book reviews each month, including  fiction, nonfiction, children’s and young adult books. Kirkus content is written by specialists selected for their knowledge and expertise in their particular fields. Kirkus is a review service for bookstores, libraries, TV producers, movie studios, newspapers, and anyone else who wants to be informed about writers & books. With Kirkusreviews.com you’ll have access to everything in the current review base, plus access to our archive database, which includes more than 300,000 titles, dating back to 1933.


“Do you fancy a great winter game that all you have to do is to throw snowballs to others? We present to you “Snow Brawlin’”, an icy game by “Ghost Hand Games, LLC”. [...] To sum up, the game is great. It is quite easy to play, it is not very complicated and the graphics and sound is a joy to behold. I strongly suggest it to all of you, especially for these cold times.”

4.5 out of 5 stars — not too shabby!  You can read the full review of Snow Brawlin’ over at ShineApp!


Greetings fellow brawlers!

Here are a few game play tips to help you in your Snow Brawlin’ adventures!

#1 – This is probably obvious, but… getting hit is bad — really bad!  

Whether in life or in game, dodging incoming snowballs is always a good idea — and your top priority!  Tilt your device left and right to move Risoo along the bottom of the screen.  The more you tilt, the faster you move.

#2 – Make sure to use those arctic blasts!

For every 10 bad guys you knock out, you get 1 arctic blast charge.  This is a very powerful ability that takes care of all the bad guys on the screen at once — even bosses!  Press on the button in the lower left hand corner to let one rip.  But be careful, if you are hit by a snowball, you lose your charge(s) and have to start building them up all over again.

#3 – Make sure to use those abilities!

In addition to building up arctic blasts, you can also pick up random abilities by running over them as they are dropped.  The ability you gathered will appear in the lower right hand corner as soon as you acquire it and can be used at any time.  There are 4 abilities that you can pick up:  Speed Boost, Fireball, Force Field, and a one-use Arctic Blast.

The Speed Boost ability makes you move twice as fast, making it much easier to dodge incoming snowballs.  Hey, sometimes you just gotta run away!

The Fireball ability makes you throw faster, AND knockout bad guys in one throw — even bosses!  Great for boss fights, keeping the number of adversaries to a minimum, or roasting marshmallows.

The Force Field provides protection from incoming snowballs.  Good for when you are trapped in a corner, or facing a large barrage of incoming snowballs!

The Arctic Blast is a free-charge of the ability above.  It can level the playing field, get you out of a bind, or give you a smile cracking 1-2 punch!  Because sometimes the best defense is a good offense, right?!?!

Press on the button in the lower right hand corner to fire off these abilities after you pick ‘em up!

#4 – You can use more than one ability at a time!

If you time it just right (and get a little lucky), you can use one ability right before you pick up another ability and use that one — and reap the benefits of both!  We are personally big fans of the Force Field / Fireball combination, mwahahahaha!

5 – Tap, tap, tap away!  

While it’s important to make sure to avoid those incoming snowballs, it’s also important to make sure you have a healthy outbound volley going at all times as well!  So let ‘em have it, and remember: “Nothing says hello like a fist full of snow!”


We here at Ghost Hand Games have some exciting news to share this morning! The Legend of Momotaro has arrived, and is now available on the Apple App Store!


Daruma-san is Waiting

Daruma-san has been patiently waiting for The Legend of Momotaro to be approved by Apple.

In Japan the Daruma doll is often used when one makes a wish or sets a difficult goal. It is a symbol of committing to the challenges you may face.

At the start of the task, you fill in one of Daruma’s eyes. Upon achieving your goal you fill in his other eye. We filled in Daruma’s first eye in May of 2010. Nearly two and a half years ago! Much love and hard work has gone into The Legend of Momotaro. Apple, don’t make Daruma-san wait too much longer.

Hanakotoba is Japanese for “The Language of Flowers.” Each scene in The Legend of Momotaro has a theme which is represented by a flower. As Momotaro and his friends continue their quest across the sea into the unknown, they will need to show great perseverance which is represented by the beach chrysanthemum.

This is just one of more than 120 interactive elements hidden throughout the story. Can you find them all?


The Legend of Momotaro was uploaded to Apple on Tuesday the 23rd of October and is now waiting for approval. Wish us luck!

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